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Smoke Alarms

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  •  Potter AC Powered Bell #PB-10-A4-120
    $29.00 Potter AC Powered Bell #PB-10-A4-120
    10" Gong. 120V polarized 4 wire. For use as fire or burglar signal device. dB rating 81.  Semi-flush mount UL

  • 21007624 Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    $46.99 21007624 Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    120VAC (Inter-connectable), 2 LED Display 9V Battery Backup Front Load Battery. Peak Level Memory, Smart Hush, Voice Message System. Low Battery Hus. Quick connect harness included. Easy Install. Smart 2 in 1 voice alarm...

  • Fenwell Detect-A-Fire 27121-0-325
    $7.95 Fenwell Detect-A-Fire 27121-0-325
     TEMPERATURE SENSOR DETECT-A-FIRE UNIT 162°C / 325°F 5AMP 125VAC. Closes on contact action on temp rise.  Rugged - withstands shock and vibration. For protection of schools, hospitals, public...

  • I12040/21006378 Kidde Smoke Alarm
    $9.79 I12040/21006378 Kidde Smoke Alarm
    Hard wired w/9V battery backup, alarm memory.and smart hush. One touch test button and tamper resistant locking pin.

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